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Our area of expertise is everything related to grocery retail data in Baltic

Specifically, we measure how the products are exposed to the consumer, and make the retail information easily applicable for sales and marketing professionals

Open product data - Productinfo24.com

Prices and assortment

Shelf share

Extra (secondary) display

Myretailmonitor.com reports are

EAN based

All products in category are monitored

Non-hierarchical tags are used for categorization (fast and flexible to adjust according to client’s needs)

Fast and reliable - generated automatically and bring the retail data to your desktop immediately

Data are collected from sample stores of all main chains

With Myretailmonitor.com reports you will have various possibilities for analyzes

Your portfolio vs competitors Listings, Prices, Shelf share, Extra displays, etc

Effectiveness of promotions

Using combined data with sales figures, we can report products’ sales per shelf meter in main retail chains

Full data to plan the launch of new products

Based on collected data, different reports can be issued

Flash report - changes only, right after store visit

Weekly report - summary of all chains (full assortment, prices, etc.)

Monthly report - summary and history of all chains

Raw data - client can use for its own in depth analysis

Success follows those that adapt faster

Only Myretailmonitor.com is providing EAN-based full category monitoring data in Baltic

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